Obama Announces....

Barack Obama in 2008?

Obama has certainly been doing all the right things in the lead up to a decision whether he will run as a Presidential Candidate, potentially early next year. Having campaigned furiously across the country for Democratic candidates in the Congressional elections, Obama then launched his book, "The Audacity of Hope", which encouraged even greater speculation on his potential as a Presidential Candidate. Obviously the media interest in substantial.

Yet Obama is only a first term Senator, who shot to fame at the Democratic National Convention in 04. Although a former State Senator, Obama has been labeled as perhaps being too fresh for a run at the top job. And there are rivals in Clinton and Edwards, who potentially have greater machines and money behind them. Not to mention Al Gore, who has yet to rule out another shot at the job.

But Obama is a tireless worker and has to a large extent tapped into a void that exists in the public's opinion of politicians and elected officials. Obama is fresh, but he is also focused on creating a moderate and relevant America.

Stay tuned to 2008 Obama - we will have all the latest news as it comes in.