Barack Obama is the Presumptive Nominee

National media are reporting that Barack Obama is the presumptive Presidential nominee for the Democratic Party.

After a race beginning in December 2006, Obama appears to have stared down the Clinton machine to clinch the nomination and become the first black man to run for Presdident.

Clinton Close to Conceding

Hillary Clinton is close to conceding the nomination to Barack Obama, according to highly placed sources.

And on NBC Today show, Terry McAuliffe said that when Barack Obama has the majority of delegates "...Hillary Clinton will congratulate him and call him the nominee."

This may come quicker than expected, with Superdelegates lining up to back Obama and give him enough delegates to clinch the nomination.

This is despite Clinton's win in Puerto Rico on Sunday, and her statements there that she would be continuing in the race.

Hillary's continual refusal to withdraw from the race despite being well behind Obama on the delegate count, has become a major negative for Clinton and her reputation.

If Hillary were to concede today or very soon, it would go a long way to healing the differences between the Obama and Clinton camps, and give Obama a clear run at McCain in the fall.

The next major question will be, is Hillary a chance to secure the VP spot from Obama?

Barack Obama in Troy Michigan