It's Nearly Over for Clinton

After Barack Obama's resounding win in North Carolina and a very close result in Indiana, the media pack and close advisors to Hillary Clinton are urging her to pull out of the race, for the sake of the Democratic Party.

The media have now started to take the view that Hillary cant win the nominaation, with Obama surging ahead with pledged delegates, and more superdelegates by the day.

And close advisors and supporters of Hillary Clinton, George McGovern and Dianne Feinstein have both told her that she should quit. McGovern, the Democratic nominee in 1972, said "there comes a time, even in a good vigorous campaign, that you have to start thinking about the general election. Barack seems to have an insurmountable lead."

In a further blow, it has been revealed that over the last month, Hillary lent her own campaign another $6.4 million, bringing her total of lent funds this year to over $12 million.

Hillary appears to want to continue, but over the next few days it will become clear that she has few supporters left in the senior ranks of the Democrats.

Its just a hunch, but we may be seeing an announcement from the Clinton campaign very shortly.