Obama Hits the Lead in Superdelegates

Barack Obama has hit the lead in superdelegates according to Associated Press, after he picked up more support from delegates from Utah, Ohio and Arizona, and two from the Virgin Islands. The latter two will be a blow for Clinton, as they were previously supporting her.

Obama picked up 9 endorsements on Friday, which has put him at 276 to 271.5 according to Associated Press. Other news organisations have Obama only a few delegates behind Clinton in their counts.

As the next week progresses, expect to see even more pledging for Obama. As it becomes more and more likely that he will secure the nomination, superdelegates wont want to be left behind in this race. They will want to pick a winner, and holding out any longer will not be of any benefit to them.

Since Obama's win in North Carolina last week, and ultra close result in Indiana, Obama has secured an extra 21 superdelegates to Clinton's 2. That is a massive result for Obama.

The next week will be crucial for Clinton - expect to see more and more national Democratic leaders calling for her to throw in the towel. Have no doubt, there will be some serious discussions behind the scenes to stitch up something for Clinton.

While Clinton has said that she will continue until June 3, we are still predicting here that she will withdraw before then. Stay tuned.