Obama Cleans up In N.C, Close in Indiana

Barack Obama has tonight won the North Carolina Primary convincingly, beating Hillary Clinton by a margin of around 65% to 33%. If those figures stand up as the evening progresses, it will be a crushing blow to the Clinton campaign, who would have hoped to cut into Obama's lead in that state.

Indiana is tight, with early results showing a 55% to 45% split for Clinton. While CBS are calling the Hoosier State for Clinton, those numbers may narrow as the night progresses, particularly with results from areas like Marion County which is heading heavily for Obama.

The end result across both states will actually not lead to any pledged delegate gain for the Clinton campaign. 72 Pledged delegates are up for grabs in Indiana - the best that the Clinton camp could achieve from tonight would be a 4 or 5 vote increase.

However, that gain would easily be wiped out by the North Carolina result for Obama.

The only possible spin from the Hillary Clinton campaign will be that a win in Indiana is still a win, regardless of whether it actually leads to an increase in delegates.

Unfortunately, the massive result in North Carolina for Obama will likely be overlooked.