Barack Obama set to run for President

Senator Barack Obama is set to announce his decision on running for the Democratic nomination for President. And it is almost certain that the decision he makes will be "Yes, I'm running".

Reports out of Chicago from Obama staffers are confirming that he could make his announcement as early as this week.

Obama appeared on CBS's 'Face the Nation' on Sunday along with John McCain to discuss the escalation of the war in Iraq.

Asked about the nomination, Obama went further than he has previously, saying that "I will have something to say about that fairly soon".

Add that to the fact that he has employed key advisers to stake out the ground in key states Iowa and New Hampshire, and Obama looks ready to roll.

Watch out for the flood of media reports when Obama makes his decision. The only thing in political news that would take Barack Obama out of the spotlight would be the announcement of the other leading contender. Which for that purpose is very much a possibility.

So keep an eye on the reaction of Hillary Clinton, who has spent the last week building her foreign policy credentials by visiting Iraq and Afghanistan.

As the two leading candidates in published polls thus far, Obama and Clinton are set to come under increasing pressure from media outlets over the coming weeks.