Clinton Attempts to Steal Obama Thunder

In what might be described as an obvious attempt to spoil the extensive coverage of Barack Obama's announcement to set up an exploratory committee, Hillary Clinton has been doing the rounds of the major news networks, to give her take on the situation in Iraq.

Clinton has just returned from a visit to Iraq and Afghanistan, and is trying to have her voice heard amongst all the voices talking about Obama's announcement.

She has been moderately successful too, now deciding to take a strong stance against Bush's new plans for Iraq.

Clinton of course was one of the biggest early supporters of the war in Iraq, which is in stark contrast to Obama, who has always opposed the conflict. Seemingly, at 5 minutes to midnight in her quest to run for President, she has shifted ground.

Yet unlike other candidates like John Edwards who has long said he made a mistake on Iraq, Clinton is shifting ground, but without an apology.

Will Hillary announce in the next week in an attempt to beat Obama to the punch when he decides on February 10? Its extremely unlikely that Clinton will set up an exploratory committee, she will just go for the all out announcement that she is running.