Key Kerry Backer Goes to Obama

One of John Kerry's key fundraisers in 2004 has joined the Barack Obama campaign for the Democratic Nomination.

Alan D Solomont said that Obama was the "sort of person that America wants right now in the White House."

Apparently Solomont was approached by other Democrat candidates for his support, and he does have a close relationship with Hillary Clinton. However, Solomont chose to support Obama after Kerry withdrew from the race this week.

Solomont helped raise $35million just in New England for the Kerry for President campaign.

This is a major coup for the Obama camp, because Solomon also has links to Bill Richardson who has also thrown his hat into the ring.

Obama might have struggled to compete with the fundraising capabilities of Clinton and Richardson, so this move will be extremely positive for his campaign.

It certainly will make his decision on February 10 that little bit easier.