Clinton wins - But is it enough?

Its a big surprise of course - Hillary Clinton has won in Pennsylvania. Ok, not really - its no different to what we have been expecting for the last 18 months.

Moving on - what does it mean? Tomorrow we will see the real coverage, the real questions and the reactions of the superdelegates.

At best, Clinton's win is anywhere from 4 to 10 points. That latter result would be just on the cusp of what some pundits say she needed to stay in the game.

But the real results mean that the delegate lead wont be materially affected. The popular vote lead will still substantially be with Obama. Lets not forget, just weeks ago, Clinton's lead in Pennsylvania was significant - much more than today's result. The momentum, is actually with Obama.

However, make no mistake, Hillary Clinton will continue in this race. She will take it all the way to the convention if she has to.

Remember, this is about Hillary, this is truly her one shot at the title.

But in the end, so far, Hillary is still behind - well behind. She needs now to secure a massive majority of the remaining superdelegates, and that is a big ask.