Australian Opposition to Attack on Obama

The Australian Opposition party has sought to censure the Prime Minister, John Howard over his attack Sunday on Barack Obama and the Democrats.

The Labor Party moved a censure motion against Howard in the Australian Parliament, Monday afternoon Australian time.

The Opposition Leader, Kevin Rudd said of Howard's comments that it was a grave error of judgement. He has also said that Howard is in danger of damaging the alliance between Australia and the United States, forged during the second world war in 1941.

Rudd also made it clear that Howard's comments went further than just attacking Obama. He said that it was a most serious charge to "...accuse the Democratic Party of the United States of being al-Qaeda's party of choice, to accuse the Democratic party of being the terrorists' party of choice, to accuse the party of Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy and Johnson of being the terrorists' party of choice."

The opposition Labor party have been opposed to the Iraq war since the beginning, and like Obama, have pledged to bring troops home.

Howard is coming under fire in Australia from the media and in the Parliament for his attack on Barack Obama.

But Howard has refused to withdraw his statement.