Massive Demand for Obama Iowa Tour

The demand has been so great for Obama's Iowa visit, that one of the meetings has been moved to a bigger venue.

The event that was previously to be held at the Iowa State University in Ames, Beyer Gymnasium, has now been moved to the much bigger Hilton Coliseum.

This from the website.

Senator Barack Obama is coming to Iowa for his announcement tour this weekend, and he is in Ames on Sunday, February 11th at the Hilton Coliseum at Iowa State University on Union Drive. Doors open at 11:00 AM

This event is free and open to the public, but that you will need a ticket to attend. We really hope you can you make it!

Ticket locations:
Location: Hilton Colliseum at Iowa State University
Address: Hilton Coliseum Iowa State University, Ames
Local Contact: 515-450-6945