Barack Obama Announcement Saturday

Chicago - Iowa - Chicago - New Hampshire

Barack Obama will officially declare this Saturday that he will be running for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. The announcement will be made at the Old State Capitol Building at 10am.

It is a free event to the public, doors open at 9am.

Obama will then be heading to key state Iowa in the afternoon, for a town hall meeting at Kennedy High School, Cedar Rapids. And that's John F. Kennedy, not Robert, for those of you drawing comparisons. Again this is a free event, doors open 3pm, event start, 4pm.

Then it's on to Waterloo, for a meet and greet at the Central Middle School, doors open 6.30pm for a 7.30pm start. Yes, it's free.

And yes, that's all in one day.

Sunday, Obama will stay in Iowa in the morning, and will appear at the Iowa State University in Ames, Beyer Gymnasium, event start 12pm, doors open 11am. Free!

Then it's back to Chicago, to the University of Illinois, Chicago Pavilion, for a rally, doors open 3.30pm, start 4.30pm. Hold on, yes no charge for this one either.

To really shake things up on this tour, Obama then moves on to New Hampshire Monday, (Just after Hillary on the weekend and perhaps even Joe Biden...), for a town hall meeting at the University of New Hampshire Field House, open doors, 4.30pm. Now this one doesn't say it is free, but id be thinking that it ain't going to cost you.

Now, hold on to your hats. As we remember back to the media attention given Clinton in Iowa just last week, lets see if the lashings of coverage this weekend matches up. I'm betting it will, and then some.

For full details on Barack Obama's schedule, or to pick up free tickets, head to his website here.