Barack Obama at DNC Winter Meeting

"This is Our Time to Lead"

One could be mistaken that Obama was already the Democratic nominee for President, such was the welcome he was given today the Democratic National Committee Winter Meeting.

To crowd cheers and a standing ovation, Obama declared "Oh, You look fired up!". Obama said that in this game, sometimes you feel like you are a part of a reality TV show.

Obama spoke plainly about the need to end the cynicism in politics. About how the issues were too important to treat politics as a game.

He also emphasised his long term opposition to the Iraq War, in a differentiation from most of the other candidates.

Obama looked good - and he spoke with passion, taking a different approach from the other candidates.

This speech will certainly go a long way in appealing to grass roots Democrats, who are actually looking for the real thing.

Obama is calling for a clean campaign, and talked about concentrating on fighting the real enemy. This is a smart approach by Obama.

If he keeps up this approach, his appeal to Democrats will rise considerably. In their minds, he may well be the real thing.

Watch the speech here.