Hope Action Change - Obama Live March 31

This from the Barack Obama campaign - major community gatherings on March 31 across the country, with a discussion by Obama in the home of an Iowa family broadcast live from his website.

Kick-off the Campaign

Millions of Americans are building this campaign one community at a time. On March 31, we’ll all come together in a day of community gatherings around the theme of “Hope. Action. Change.” We’ll kick off this campaign to change America and to restore faith in our political process.

On Saturday, March 31 at 3:00 pm Central time, Barack will be speaking to a small group gathered in the home of an Iowa family. It will be a candid discussion, streamed live at www.barackobama.com, about the challenges facing us today and how we can work together to change America.

Join Barack in this discussion by opening your homes on this day and gathering friends and family to watch the live webcast. For those who would like to host an event but do not have access to the Internet, sign up to receive a conference call number to dial into and listen to the Iowa discussion.