Obama Gains on Clinton in Newsweek Poll

Barack Obama is slowly gaining on Hillary Clinton as the preferred nominee amongst Democrat voters according to the latest Newsweek poll, which will hit the newsstands tomorrow. This follows up from the Washington Post/ABC poll released last week which also showed that Obama had narrowed the gap.

The Newsweek poll, conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates between February 28 and March 1 shows that if the contest for the nomination was between Obama and Clinton, 52% of Democrats would support Clinton, 38% Obama. The same poll conducted in January had Clinton leading 55%-35%.

And if the choice was between Barack Obama and John Edwards, Obama leads 49% to 42%.

There are positive signs also in the preferred President section of the poll. Head to Head, Barack Obama leads John McCain 45%-43% and Mitt Romney a massive 54%-34%. Rudy Giuliani has a slight edge on Obama, 48%-43%.