Iowans Turn Out in Force for Barack Obama

Its a bit hard to believe that there is still 10 months to go before the first primary, such is the pace at which Barack Obama is campaigning around the country.

On the weekend, Obama had yet another successful visit to Iowa, having no less than 5 rallies in front of thousands of enthusiastic locals.

Obama visited Dubuque, Clinton and Davenport on Saturday and on Sunday ventured to Muscatine and Burlington. And the crowds were overflowing at each event - over 2,500 turned up in Dubuque and more than 4000 in Davenport.

Last week, Obama had a busy Senate schedule. On Friday, he conducted 2 fundraisers in New York. And this weekend, Obama is back to California for a rally in Oakland.

Much of the focus on Obama's visit to Iowa was his pledge to bring the troops home from Iraq by March of next year. Obama said that there were no good options left in Iraq, "...only bad options and worse options" and if the Iraqi Government don't make serious reforms then America is only throwing money away.

Obama also paid attention to the growing concern of Veterans' Affairs, saying that "We need to put veterans services on equal footing with other social services in this country."