Obama - Gore Extraordinarily Formidable

Barack Obama has done the media circuit this morning, appearing in feature pieces on three of the most watched morning TV shows , NBC Today, Good Morning America on ABC and The Early Show on CBS.

Obama spoke about a range of different topics today, including the possibility that former Vice President Al Gore would consider another bid for the White House.

Obama said of Gore that he would be extraordinarily formidable and "...would have as good a resume as anyone in the field - better than anybody in the field."

On the issue of the the Clinton flare up last week, Obama said he wants to take the high road from now and in the future his campaign would show restraint when considering a response.

Obama also told ABC that perhaps the campaign team should have left the issue entirely alone, although it was something that required a response, but probably in a more restrained way.

He also said that the best way to respond was with the truth.

On the Selma visit this weekend, it was announced that Bill Clinton will also be accompanying Hillary for the march, his first public appearance with her since she announced a run.

Obama said this weekend was particularly important - that he wouldn't be where he is today without the Civil Rights movement. He said that Selma "...represents some of the best moments in American history, where ordinary people stood up to injustice."