Clinton Playing Dangerous Game

The Hillary Clinton team is playing a dangerous game in the race for the nomination, with Chief Strategist Mark Penn declaring that Barack Obama can't win the November election.

Building on Clinton's remarks after Ohio, Penn has declared that the Pennsylvania primary in April is another real test.

"We believe fundamentally that Pennsylvania provides a very significant test of who can really win the general election" he said. "We believe this will again show that Hillary is ready to win and that Senator Obama really can't win the general election."

It's a strategy that is generally considered a no go between Democrat candidates. And its a little strange, particularly since last week Clinton seemed to imply that Obama could be her running mate.

However, Obama's chief strategist David Plouffe rebuffed the Clinton argument, saying that Clinton is only deeming the states she has won to be the important ones.

"Throughout this entire process, the Clinton campaign has moved the goal posts to create a shifting, twisted rationale for why they should win the nomination despite winning fewer primaries, fewer states, fewer delegates, and fewer votes." Plouffe said.