Fox on Obama - Time to Move On

Barack Obama has captured the attention of a much wider audience, with not only the political viewing public and media tuning in to watch his Philadelphia speech on race relations in America.

24 Hours after the speech, over 1.6 million people had viewed the youtube video. This morning, just on the one version supplied by barackobamadotcom, it is up to 2 million.

Yet of course, there were some in the media who just cant seem to move on from the Obama/Rev Wright issue, notably the Fox Network. Does that surprise anyone?

Some were unimpressed with Obama's refusal to totally distance himself from Wright. Some considered that the issue was so damaging, as to disqualify Obama from running for the White House.

Right. I think the reaction of the media on this one is proving what a farce the "mainstream" media are becoming, and why many people are turning to online media, and using tools such as youtube and blogs to make up their on mind. People don't like being told what to do, and what to think anymore.

Obama bravely addressed the issue of race relations in America - a speech that was more fitting of a President, not a candidate in a tight contest for the nomination. And he dealt with the matter of Rev Wright, clearly unable to disown the person who had been his pastor for 20 years. And nor should he.

As Obama rightly pointed out, we have all likely disagreed with something our pastor/priest/rabbi has said at times, but that is no reason to disown them. That doesnt mean he agrees with what Wright has said - quite the opposite.

Could you imagine the line that Fox and other would have taken had Obama distanced himself completely from Wright? Yes, he was just being politically expedient and shallow.

Cant' win.

Obama did the courageous thing. Not only was he brave on this issue of Rev. Wright, but he went further, dealing with race relations in the United States. In doing so, this speech will go down as one of the most significant of the 21st century.

And thankfully, people are viewing the speech themselves, and not just listening to the unhelpful commentary provided by some media organisations.