It's Showdown

It's getting close - by all reports Obama is just in front in Texas, slightly behind in Ohio, catching up in Rhode Island and way in the lead in Vermont.

While Clinton has been madly scrambling to play catch up on the fundraising stakes. Obama is outspending her in advertising, in some places as much as 3 to 1.

And he has to - Clinton is looking desperate. Her own husband has announced that she cannot be the Democratic nominee if she doesn't win the states of Ohio and Texas.

Even if she doesnt secure victories, or convincing victories, she may yet push on, hoping the delegates of Florida will be seated at the convention,combined with an all out oush for the superdelgates.

Obama conitnues to campaign hard - even suprising some by making a trip to Rhode Island, a place considered strong Clinton territory.

Can he continue the amazing run of 10 wins in a row and crush the Clinton dream?

We shall see in 2 days.