Passport Breach extends to Clinton, McCain

Having admitted on Thursday, that Barack Obama's personal passport file had been breached on 3 separate occasions by 3 separate people, the State Department were forced Friday into another humiliating admission.

Both Hillary Clinton and John McCain's personal files had also been breached.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has phoned all three candidates and apologized for the breaches.

Although the breach of Clinton's file at this stage appears relatively minor, the inquiry into McCain's file was made by the same person who had looked into Obama's.

Speaking before the latest revelations on his own passport had come to light, McCain said that "If anyone's privacy is breached, then they deserve an apology and a full investigation and I believe that will take place."

The Obama campaign have placed the blame firmly at the Bush Administration describing them of committing an outrageous breach of privacy for political ends.