No Resolution on Michigan/Florida delegates

A massive impasse exists between the Obama and Clinton camps on the issue of how to seat delegations from Michigan and Florida at the Democratic Convention.

Florida and Michigan held their primaries earlier than usual in January, and had their delegations stripped by the DNC for breach of the rules.

Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton want the delegations seated - there is no division on that point.

But Clinton wants the results on the January primaries in Michigan and Florida to be be official. The problem is - Obama didnt campaign in either state, and wasnt on the ticket.

At the time, all candidates accepted that the delegations wouldnt be seated, with Clinton going so far as to say that the Mihcigan Primary was "meaningless". Obama, out of respect for other states, removed his name from the ballot and didnt campaign there. As did most of the other candidates.

"We were told that Michigan and Florida wouldn’t count, and so we said we wouldn’t campaign there” Obama said. “Senator Clinton said the same thing, that they wouldn’t count. Now her campaign is suggesting that they should.”

If Clinton's first proposal isnt accepted, she is alternatively proposing a second vote in Florida and Michigan, in June, after the end of the other states votes. The benefit in such a move would be momentum - Hillary Clinton would be expected to win Florida and likely Michigan. Having momentum in the lead up to the Convention would be her main goal. The proposal would be for the vote to be attendance - a massive cost to the Democrats, or a mail in.

Obviously, the Obama team is not accepting either of the two points. It is believed that the preference would be for a 50/50 vote split, enabling the delegates to be seated, but not affecting the vote lead.

It doesnt appear that this matter will be settled anytime soon. The more this issue drags on, the better it is for the GOP - particularly in such a crucial state as Florida.