Texas and Ohio Down - Still in the Lead

Barack Obama claimed last night that his delegate lead would remain virtually unchanged after the votes in the states of Texas, Ohio, Vermont and Rhode Island.

Interestingly, the spin from the Clinton camp and the media is that Clinton has secured a big victory, taking 3 out of the 4 states.

We dont read it that way. Having been well behind in the polls, as late as a few weeks ago, Obama has made massive gains in all states, with perhaps his gains slowing only in the last days before the vote.

With counting almost complete, the tallys in the biggest states of Texas and Ohio, have Obama trailing slightly in Texas and only 8 points behind in Ohio.

Texas is showing a 51% to 47% split, with Ohio at 54% to 46%.

The actual delegate counts are still to come in, but estimations are that Obama will still have a very healthy lead heading into the Wyoming and Mississippi contests in the next few days.

One interesting point of note has been Clinton's answer to a question of a joint ticket with Obama,with of course her on the top. Its a clever ploy, vote for me and you still get Obama. Lets see where that story heads over the next few days.

This race still has a way to play yet, with Pennsylvania to come in a few weeks, and the constant push to secure the superdelegates.

With McCain confirmed as the Republican nominee, the head start on the Democrats will be substantial.