Game On for Obama and Clinton

In less that 24 hours we will know the result of the crucial Pennsylvania primary.

The wait has been the longest since the voting season began, and it has been nothing if not eventful.

From the Rev. Wright saga, to dodging bullets on the Bosnian tarmac, it has been back and forth between Obama and Clinton for the last month. (And in the meantime, John McCain has kept his head down.)

And in the last few days, the race has become particulary nasty. Starting with that ABC debate (can we call it that? or was it a reality tv show?), and ending with yet another negative 3am ad from Clinton. Yet another one from the Republican playbook.

But Obama has a convincing lead in the popular vote so far - a lead that is unlikely that Clinton will catch. He also leads the pledged delegate vote, and nothing short of a miracle would see Clinton overtake him.

Hillary does however lead in the superdelegate stakes, but only just. Obama has been steadily eroding her lead, and by this rate will overtake her come the convention.

By all reports, Clinton will win in Pennsylvania - but it may not be enough for her to avoid the calls for her to pull out of the race. If this race continues until the Democratic Convention, John McCain can sit back while the internal Democrat fighting does his job for him.