Nailbiter Finish Predicted in Pennsylvania

With just 24 hours to go before the crucial primary in Pennsylvania, new polls out today are predicting a nail biting finish to the ballot between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Many Democratic insiders are suggesting that anything short of a convincing win by Hillary Clinton will see greater pressure applied to her to withdraw from the race.

So while Clinton's lead at the moment is a winning one, it is likley not to be enough to resist the growing pressure.

All the recent data suggests that Clinton is highly unlikely to overtake Obama on the popular vote and the pledged delegates. And the Superdelegate votes are moving increasingly to Obama.

In the latest Zogby tracking poll, Clinton has gained 2 points over the weekend, putting her in the lead 48% to 42%, with a margin of error of 4%.

Strategic Vision's latest poll, of 1200 Pennsylvania voters has Clinton in the lead 48% to 41%. Suffolk University's weekend poll of 600 likely Democratic primary voters has Clinton ahead by 10 points, 52%-42%.