Obama within Striking Distance of Clinton

Barack Obama is just 5 points behind Hillary Clinton in the latest poll conducted in Pennsylvania, just 2 days before the polls open in the crucial primary.

Clinton leads Obama, 48% to 43% among 625 likely Democrat primary voters polled by the MSNBC/McClatchy/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. With a 4 point margin of error, it puts Obama well within striking distance of Clinton.

It has been widely reported that anything under a 10 point win for Clinton in Pennsylvania will be a major blow for her campaign. With her superdelegate lead seemingly narrowing by the day, a close result there will see greater calls for Clinton to drop out of the race.

Obama continued his campaign in Pennsylvania yesterday, taking a slow train across the state with various stops along the way. It was a continuation of his successful campaigning in Pennsylvania so far, coming after his speech to 35,000 people in Philly on Friday.