Superdelegates moving heavily to Obama

While many eyes are looking towards the battle in Pennsylvania on April 22, Barack Obama is slowly but surely winning the race for Superdelegates.

While Hillary Clinton still leads Obama in the superdelegate stakes by 250 to 217, Obama has been cutting that lead steadily over the last 8 weeks.

According to reports, since Super Tuesday, 64 superdelegates have pledged for Obama, with only 9 heading to Clinton.

With 330 still up for grabs, if Obama continues to secure superdelegates at this rate, even a large win for Clinton in Pennsylvania and other smaller states wont be enough for her to gain the lead.

Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota is the latest in a line of superdelegates to pledge to Obama. This comes after Sen Casey of Pennsylvania and Gov. Bill Richardson pledged to Obama last week.

Klobuchar said that Obama has a "different voice...and is bringing a new perspective and inspiring a real excitement from the American people."

Reports in the Wall Street Journal suggest that as many as 7 US House Members from North Carolina will be shortly throwing their support behind Obama as well. North Carolina holds its primary on May 6.