When will Hillary Get Out of the Kitchen?

Hillary is up to bat in Pennsylvania - but will she strike out today, and if not, when will she say that it's time for her stop her campaign?

As Clinton has said in her latest 3am ad, if you cant stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. But its clear that Hillary can stand the heat. She is damn tough.

But can she stand to damage the chances of the Democrats to win the White House come November, and go down in history as the ultimate spoiler? That's the heat she needs to worry about.

Obama is in front in the pledged delegates, the popular vote and is closing in on Clinton's superdelegate lead.

And crucially, Obama in most polls leads Clinton in the match up with John McCain.

So will she pull the pin after today? Its doubtful.

If we factor in that Clinton is likely to win the Pennsylvania primary today, then we can expect that the spin from her campaign is that she is "back on track." No doubt, it will be the same line as when she secured a surprise win in New Hampshire.

Clinton will also again run the spin that only she is able to carry the swing states, and that only she is the candidate who has the best chance of beating McCain come Novemeber.

But spin can only take her campaign so far. If she cant secure enough delegate support, then what option does she have? She obviously cant win, so why continue?

We can only assume that the Clinton team are hoping that many of the undeclared superdelegates will fall her way. Or, in a more sinister possibility, Hillary may be waiting to see if Obama will stumble. And if we know anything about the Clinton team, they may be working to contribute to that outcome.

While today is important, keep a close eye on the media reporting, in addition to the reaction of senior Democrats tomorrow.

As for Clinton, she is still playing "wait and see". But there is only so long before that strategy would become terribly damaging to the Clinton reputation. The problem is, does she care?