Obama Cleans up - Clinton in the Red

Questions will be raised over the viability of Hillary Clinton's campaign, after latest returns show her account is in the red by over $1million. In stark contrast, Barack Obama is cleaning up in the fundraising stakes, pulling in over $41 million in March, leaving him with $42 million to spend in his campaign to be President.

Clinton raised a comparatively modest $20 million in March, but only had 9 million available to spend, with debts of $10.3 million.

Of Obama's $51 million, $9 million has been allocated for use in the general election only.

Obama has so far raised $235 million, much of it from grass roots sources. Over $4.6 million of Obama's fundraising in March came from California, with $3.2 million coming out of New York.

Over $30 million was spent by Obama in March, while Clinton only spent $22.2 million. Obama has been spending a large amount on advertising in Pennsylvania, which has helped him cut into Clinton's lead.

The ability for Obama to fundraise at a much greater level than Clinton is sure to figure into the superdelegate's decision as to who to support.

The latest news showing cracks in Hillary's campaign finances is another concern for her flagging campaign. Earlier this year, Clinton was forced to contribute $5 million of her own money to keep her campaign alive.