Obama has Massive Lead - Newsweek

The latest Newsweek poll, conducted over the last few days, has Barack Obama leading Hillary Clinton by nearly 20 points among registered Democrats.

The survey of 1209 registered Democrats found that Obama leads Clinton 54% to 35% - a massive turnaround from the March Newsweek poll which had the split favoring Obama 45% to 44% - a statistical tie.

The amazing turnaround has come in a month where Obama has been subjected to increasing pressure by the Clinton camp and the media.

Of particular note is the fact that this poll was conducted after the "bitter" comments which were apparently to have played badly among Democrats. Not so according to these figures.

These latest results will be another blow to the Clinton campaign in the lead up to the crucial vote this Tuesday in Pennsylvania.

The only bright spot in this poll is the fact that both Obama and Clinton lead John McCain as the preferred President among all registered voters.

Registered voters give Obama a favorable rating of 56% compared to Clinton on 49%. Clinton has also suffered in the trustworthy question. Only 41% of people now consider her trustworthy - not a very promising figure for a candidate running for President.